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Bring in extra cash and diversify your investment portfolio when you choose Maplewood International REIT. Maplewood was established as a Canadian-based, international real estate investment vehicle geared at investing in high-quality commercial real estate outside of Canada. Our current geographic focus is on the investment grade countries of Europe, with an initial target market of the Netherlands.

Investment Objective & Strategy

At our Toronto, Ontario-based company, we strive to match Canadian investors with profitable properties throughout Europe. Additional objectives include:

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(a) Providing Canadian investors with international real estate diversification that delivers attractive risk-adjusted investment yields.
(b) Building a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio of income-producing commercial properties in target markets outside of Canada, with an initial focus on the Netherlands.
(c) Growing the value of assets and maximize the long-term value of REIT Units through the active and efficient management of the REIT's assets.
(d) Providing predictable, sustainable, and increasing cash distributions on a tax-efficient basis. Management believes that the current yields on commercial real estate in certain countries are higher than yields currently available in Canada. Notably, in certain European countries that have attractive sovereign credit ratings – including the Netherlands – the yields are even more compelling on a risk-adjusted basis.

Netherlands Investment Model

The Netherlands enjoys a strong economic position within Europe and globally. This country has a market-based mixed economy that is noted for its stable industrial relations, moderate unemployment and inflation, sizable trade surplus, and important role as a European transportation hub.

Dutch industrial activity is predominantly in food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining, and electrical machinery. The Netherlands' location gives it prime access to markets in the United Kingdom and Germany, with the port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe. Management believes these are positive indicators of a stable and growing economy, one that is appealing to investors seeking stable, sustainable, and growing cash flows.

Additionally, management believes the Netherlands' operating and business environment in the real estate sector is comparable to Canada's in many important ways. For example, in comparing the Dutch market to the Canadian market, management believes there is a similar focus in the Netherlands on building and maintaining long-term relationships with tenants, the brokerage community and lenders, as well as a similar leasing environment.

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Target Markets

In addition to investments in the Dutch market, we'll find opportunities to invest in income-producing properties outside of Canada that provide stable, sustainable, and growing cash flows. When considering future acquisitions, we'll focus on countries with a stable business and operating environment. This includes countries with a liquid market for real estate investments, a legal framework that provides adequate rights and protections for owners of property, and a manageable foreign investment regime.

Although we won't restrict ourselves to certain locations, we do have an initial focus on specific target markets. This includes the Netherlands, where management believes we'll find more opportunities for acquiring additional assets to complement the initial property. We'll also focus on Germany, whose incredibly stable economy is the largest in Europe. From there, we'll extend to other investment grade countries in Europe, so as their markets and growth potential are compelling to management.